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By That_Welsh_Git » 16 days ago
Hi all as most of you know minecraft 1.12 will soon be here and we are already working on our server updates for 1.12 this includes a brand new 1.12 creative server and nice revamped 1.12 skyblock server. as well as our survival server being updated to 1.12 but don't worry our DireWolf server is not going anywhere :)
We hope we will be able to update the server as soon as 1.12 is released it will mean that our server will be down for a day or two as While we do the backups and updates I will be taking the opportunity to do some maintenance on our server box (make sure everything is running at top performance).
any ideas and suggestions are more than welcome in the forums (and now is the best time for them ;) ) as I am working on updating and revamping many areas from the ground up!!

All the jam