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IGN: That_Welsh_Git
By That_Welsh_Git » 5 months ago

Manage your party.


/party Check party information.
/party create <party-name><password /></party-name> Create a party
/party join <player><password /></player> Join a players party
/party invite <player /> Invite a player to join your party
/party accept <player /> Accept a party invite
/party password <password /> Set a password for the party you currently own
/party kick <player-name /> Kick a player from the party.
/party owner <player-name /> Set a player as the party owner
/party expshare [none/equal] Set the party share mode.
/party lock Lock the party
/party unlock Unlock the party
/party q Quit the party you're currently in.
/party ? More information about parties.


Teleport to a party member.


/ptp [name]


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