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IGN: That_Welsh_Git
By That_Welsh_Git » 9 months ago

Hi all,

Since we added the /ad we are quite surprised how well many of you loved it as a way to help supporting us especially those of you who unable or could not afford to donate. 

Thank you to all of you who have been supporting us with the /ad system, when we were testing it it was suprising how many of you seemed to be enjoying it and with the token shops many of you seem to be enjoying the benifits of it and there seems to be a few of you who dont seem to understand how it works or get why we have it so I will try to explain it a little more.

Our server costs are not the cheapest we are aware there is cheap hosting out there but we go go quality and there are other costs aside from the server, plugins, domains, remote backup's DDOS protection etc and these are monthly costs we need to pay each month, To thouse of you who donated we thank you with all our heart we dont run the server to make momey but the donations we have receved does help us greatly.

And with the /ad system this also helps up for every 2 videos that are shown by the system we receve $0.01 it may not sound much but by copying and pasting the link 20 times in 20 browser tabs (like i does wink) it erns us $0.10 and it only takes a min and for example if 5 players do that a day in a 30 month that is $15 that can go towards our server bills.

As you can imagin that helps us and to say thank you for that 60 seconds you receve tokens with can be used in the tokens shop just do /tokens flr the details  

As always we are open to ideas and suggestions in the forum's.