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By That_Welsh_Git » 8 months ago


Our move is all over and we are now 100% on our new server :)


Hi all,

Wolf here to give you all what's happening with this sudden lag we are having and what's being done about it.

1, It is not server related or CPU use is low plenty of ram etc it appears our host is having network issues.

2, What are we doing about it we are giving our host the middle finger salute and going to move I as soon as payday comes in (around 19/20 this month) I am ordering a new VPS and start work on moving things over.

3, How long will this take? I hope this won't take that long I first have to install all the software required to runand control our servers  and then move our data base once this is done I will start moving our servers one by one With luck there will be very little data lost in the database move, maybe a hour or so worth of database data this won't affect builds claims etc.

4, I will keep everyone up to date on whats happening If you haven't already then please follow our Twitter as i will more then likely update more often then anywhere else during te move

5, I am not expecting any issues but if you do watch our discord channel there you may find some of my comments entertaining.

6, Thats it for now any questions please ask away in the forums we check them regularly and have fun